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Vape Pen Starter Kits

VapeBatt has gone through and bundled some great vape pen starter kits using some of the best top shelf 510 thread battery options and vape carts to provide a great starter kit for vapers. In order to vape oils or concentrates you will need a 510 thread battery, the same thread vape tank, and a charger for when your battery runs down. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right cartridge to pair with the right battery and then how to keep it together and transport becomes an issue. Our new vape starter kits are proper turnkey bundles that are ready to vape and even come with a customized carrying case to house these components.

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Each starter kit will come with a best of breed 510 thread variable voltage battery, a high quality vape cartridge matching battery performance and style, a USB charger or charging cable and a wallet carrying case for the components. Keeping style in mind VapeBatt made sure to have a large selection of colors and finishes for any preference in our vape pen starter kit products. Most vape units on the market only come with a battery and neglect to provide the necessity of an oil tank (ready for refill) and a charger. Our new bundles make simplicity in selecting the proper starter kit that they are ready to vape.

510 Thread Batteries & Vape Mods


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Dab Vape Pens

Wax pens come in several different shapes and sizes as well as forms and functions. They can however be split into a few categories.
Dab Pens Slim, pen shape and style wax vape pens are as the name implies sized and shaped like a pen or writing instrument. People like this form of dab pens because they are light weight, slim / sleek, very easy to use and relatively discrete.

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Concealable wax vaporizers Concealer style wax pens or mods have become very popular for those who want to keep their dabbing incognito or vape in stealth mode. Concealer style wax vaporizer hid the whole atomizer so the outside world doesn’t really see what is going on with your vaping as the atomizer fall inside the battery or vape box mod body.

Full Sized Wax Pens Larger and more powerful wax vapes usually still pocket or purse size but usually use a full size mod battery for power. These pens don’t focus on discreetness or compact size they are oriented for pure power, performance, and flavor to deliver the maximized rig-like experience to concentrate vapers.


New Additions to Dab Concentrate Vaporizers

Variable Voltage Box Mod Vapes

Variable voltage box mods or vaporizer is the unit that have adjustable voltage or intensity functionality to allow vapers obtain more vapor and faster heat ups in their cartridges. Box mod vapes are very useful because usually are equipted with much bigger capacity battery and have variable voltage settings. There are several vape cartridges that run better on different voltage settings. Use variable voltage 510 battery to really dial in on that perfect intensity level for your cartridge.

+ More about Box Mods

There are several different types of box mod vapes as to how the unit is operating and how intensity can be adjusted. Most vape mods operates with a click pattern that can be pushed to adjust the intensity. Having a variable voltage box vape is also useful because it’s not always about turning the power up but sometimes it is better to have the option to turn the power down. Many 510 thread carts are prefilled with thinner oils or very low resistance carts so if you over power them and try to vape; the user can encounter a burnt taste or in an even worse case can burn out the cartridge making it un usable. Variable voltage vaping empowers vapers to select their ideal power setting whether it can be up or down to dial in on the perfect intensity level or the best taste. Generally, when it comes to variable voltage batteries the voltage level can generally be adjustable between 2.0 Volts and 4.5 Volts. Whether it is to adjust voltage up or down to maximize intensity, or maximize flavor or find the ideal blend of both it is highly beneficial to have the option to adjust the voltage on the 510 vape battery.

Concealable Box Mod Vapes

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Buttonless Vape Pens

Auto draw or buttonless vape pens are vaporizers that do not run on push-button operation but are buttonless and turn on when you inhale automatically. Buttonless vape pen was the first style of 510 thread vape batteries to hit the market in 2010 and has developed a cult-like following ever since. As push-button operation batteries became more prominent and in-turn the technology advanced.

+ More about Auto Draw vapes

Many vape companies started making more advanced buttonless vape pen batteries such as: slim batteries, auto draw concealers, and variable voltage auto draw vapes. The way that an buttonless vape pen works is you affix the cartridge to the battery, make sure it is charged, and simply inhale to operate your vape. Once you stop inhaling the unit turns off. When you start inhaling the air pressure travels through the cartridge and triggers an airflow sensor to turn the battery on which will vaporize the contents of the cartridge. Auto-draw pen style vape is very popular among vapers because they don’t have a button and are very simple to operate. There is no locking or unlocking the unit, just simply inhale. Some medical conditions that require a vaporizer make it hard for people to push and hold small buttons so an buttonless vape pen helps eliminate that if one’s hands are compromised. Another benefit of buttonless vapes are that when you pull or draw on it the resistance of your pull allows the actual sensation of vaping feel closest to smoking. When picking out an buttonless vape pen make sure to buy cartridges that have a bottom air hole to trigger the sensor for proper activation.
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Push Button Vaporizer

The alternate to auto draw vapes is a push button vaporizer for your 510 thread cartridges. The way a push button vaporizer works is the control and power function is controlled by pushing a button. This button can control locking the battery, adjusting the intensity or voltage, initiating and ending preheat functions and for the actual function of vaping.

+ More about Push-Button vapes

Once unlocked and a cartridge is affixed the vaper will push and hold the button down and hold it throughout the duration of their inhale to activate the vaporizer. There are several advantages to push button vapes over other batteries. Push button vapes generally have several functions that are controlled by the button so they generally have more technical features. Having a push button allows the vaper to use more 510 prefilled cartridges, especially ones without air holes for vaporization. It also allows the vaper to use higher resistance cartridges. Generally, push button vaporizers produce more vapor because your inhale is not used to turn on the unit but only used to draw out vapor from the cartridge. So, higher intensity will result in less resistance on the draw and also a larger vape cloud. Push button batteries generally offer the vaper greater control as they usually have more settings allowing the user to dial in on their ideal preferences. Push button vapes have a locking function that allows the user to lock the unit so it can be transported safely and unlocked for vaping. Push button vaporizers can come in several forms, the most common of which is a slim vape pen battery, push button vapes can also be concealers or luxury vaporizers. Push button vapes come in several shapes and sizes and are a great type of vaporizer when selecting your perfect push button vaporizer, the options are endless.
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High-End Vape Pens

High-end vaporizers that will fall into the luxury category. These High-end vapes usually are made of higher quality materials with fine textures with substantial feel and durability. These Vaporizers usually have best of breed performance. The vape pens will have greater intensity, better durability, and greater amount of usage in-between charges.

+ More about High-End vapes

High-end vape usually have cutting edge technology meaning their features are more advanced than that of standard vape pens. These features consist of more advanced temperature control, digital screen, battery life indicator, and will allow you to read the resistance of your cartridges to allow for optimal vape settings. High end vape for 510 thread cartridges are usually in the form of concealers, vaporizer battery or Mod boxes. This general design is ideal for high end vape so that you can fit the higher capacity & performance battery into a nice casing and also mount other features onto the case. In some instances, high end vape units come in the form of bedazzled or iced out units; however, these units are highly limited in nature and are usually one off pieces. High end vape is a developing category among vaporizers as more companies are trying to appeal to luxury markets and build more posh units. High end vape generally look, feel, and perform superior to that of standard vaporizers but do carry a higher cost of acquisition, to those who love vaping or want something that stands out it is totally worth the cost.
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Concealable Vaporizers

Concealable mini vapes are the fastest emerging and growing category for 510 thread prefilled cartridge vaporizers. These vaporizers are intended to keep the vape cartridge concealed, out of plain sight and are a great option for those looking for something more stealthily and discrete. Usually these are mini vape units, small and shaped in a way to allow the cartridge to fall into the vaporizer so it is concealed and covered.

+ More about vape concealers

This is not only for the stealth factor but also to protect the cartridge (usually glass) from impact or debris. Concealable mini vape units fall into two major categories which describe how the cartridge makes an electrical connection with the battery; it can either be a screw-in or a magnetic adapter concealer. Screw-in concealable mini vape will have the cartridge screw into the concealer in the similar way that a pen style vape would. A typical concealable mini vape has a magnetic adapter that you screw onto the 510 thread prefilled cartridge and then drop into the concealable mini vape unit. The magnet will make the connection and hold the cartridge in place. Screw-in type of concealable mini vape usually make a very strong and secure connection while magnetic adapters. Extremely convenient for those switching out different prefilled cartridges throughout the day. Where concealable mini vape really excel is from the amount of options that exist on the market for them in terms of appearance, capacity, performance, and features. Mini vape concealers come in many shapes and sizes from looking like a simple vape box, or having rounded corners to being completely disguised as a car key or a key fob vape. The color and texture options within concealable vapes are endless ranging from rugged to luxury. Capacity options are usually higher for concealable vapes compared to pen style vapes because the size of the battery can be bigger so usually the mah range is 350mah to 1800mah for concealable mini vape. Usually vape concealers with a larger battery also have more performance options and can go well over 4.0 Volts. With the performance comes features for the more luxury concealers that have multiple temperature or intensity settings, preheat functions, or even digital readouts. Concealable mini vape is a great option for those who are on the go or live an active lifestyle looking for greater cart protection and discreetness.