OilVape Cartridge for any 510 pen

The prefilled vape cartridge has an electric heating device that works with a heating coil which will cook the oil inside of the cartridge. Some vape pens use wax atomizers that are usually made of either Quartz, ceramic, titanium or other non-toxic material. Some users prefer to use certain types of oil cartridge and even claim that you get a better taste from a specific type, e.g. ceramic vape tank, but ultimately, they all work in the same way.

How does 510 prefilled oil cartridge work?

Like most vape cartridges just prefilled with THC or CBD Oil or even standard e-liquid in some cases. Obviously, vape battery is required for this to work. Usually, these batteries are rechargeable, lithium which allows for their compact shape and long-lasting battery life. The main part of the cartridge is an atomizer which needs to be present in order to heat up the CBD or THC oil to a point where it turns to vapor. This is usually done with a pen that has a battery connected to the oil canister and a wick or ceramic coil is heated up to the point where it turns the oil into vapor.