Exxus Tap Auto-Draw 510 Thread Battery


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Exxus Tap VV Buttonless 510 Thread Battery

The Exxus Tap VV 510 thread battery is an auto-draw pen-style vape for 510 cartridges. While you do not need to do anything to vape because this is auto-draw; it has four (4) variable voltage settings that you cycle through via a series of tapping on the battery base. These voltage settings are between 3.3 volts and 4.2 volts and the tapping system is color-coded so you have a visual que of what voltage you are currently on. This vaporizer also has a two-tap (2) preheat function. The 510 cartridge battery carry 280mAh and like most vaporizers have a 10-second cut-off to prevent overheating. It will fit most prefilled 510 thread cartridges as long as the airflow holes match up; otherwise, you may find trouble activating the auto-draw sensors. The screw-in USB charger has a color-coded LED indicator light that lets you know when the battery is fully charged. If you want a button-free, variable voltage vape pen that is auto-draw and tap to change your power, then the Exxus Tap VV buttonless pen-style vape battery is perfect for you.