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Electric Nectar Collector Kits

Nectar Collector devices also known as concentrate collector pens are one of the most trending categories in wax vaping today. Nectar is an alias for a wax or concentrated extract that is in almost solid form or has a texture that is similar to thick honey / bee’s nectar.

Nectar Collector

Lookah Seahorse PRO Dab Pen Nectar Collector


Rokin Stinger Dab Straw Nectar Collector


HoneyStick Nectar Collector Straw


Alien Ape Nectar Collector Vape Pen


Yocan Dive Mini Wax Concentrate Vape Pen and Nectar Collector


Toke Buddy Nectar Collector PRO


Lookah Unicorn Mini Electric Nectar Collector


Honey Dew Cyber Stick Electric Nectar Collector


OG Vapes Big Dipper - Electric Nectar Collector


Yocan Evolve MAXXX 3-in-1 Concentrate Vaporizer / Nectar Collector


Dab Pens with Concentrate Collectors

Dabbing or nectar collecting is the act of vaporizing and inhaling a waxy form of concentrate. What once was a niche group that used large rigs or non practical devices has now evolved into a mainstream category that is recognizing one of its larges growth phases do to the way that nectar collector dab pens have evolved.

Silicone Nectar Collector Tip

Dab Straws Silicone Nectar Collector

Essentially, these types of dab pens are used vertically, where you heat up a silicone nectar collector heater at one end of the wax pen and dip it directly into your ‘nectar’ wax when inhaling at the other end. Wax Pens have slimmed down to be the exact same sizes and shapes as oil and dry herb pens and the tanks used for vaporizing wax have also evolved to have larger holding capacities and fast and intense heat up times.

Wax vapes using ‘dab straws’ or ‘silicone nectar collector’ heaters become extremely popular among dabbers. They come in all shapes and sizes from units that fit into your pocket to table-size electric nectar collector mini-rigs. The differences between them are battery capacity, dab straws capacity, nectar collector heater composition (generally silicone or glass), and of course power. These units have also become more attainable and range from budget ($20.00) to luxury ($250). 710 is really catching up to 420 with the popularity and evolution of the wax pen category allowing your once tabletop rig to have the same effect in a sleek pocket sized unit.

So for those looking for a pure nectar vaporization category that has come a long way from its founding loyalists, this is the category for you!