Dab Pen NANO


NANO Dabber Wax Vape Pen Highlights:

- 500 mAh Vape Battery
- USB charger
- Single Coil, Silencer Wax Atomizer
- Twist adjustable power / voltage
- Rechargeable 510 thread battery
- Slim, Sleek and compact
- Rapid heat-up time
- Proprietary heater design

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Brand HoneyStick

NANO Dabber - the best wax vape pen for on-the-go

If you are just getting into vaping Wax or dabbing and are on the market for your first kit and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still demand quality and performance you will be blown away at the value and performance of the HoneyStick Nano Dabber Wax pen. This kit is a complete turnkey starter kit that has everything you need to get started and is a rechargeable kit that is selling for the price as many disposables. It is a sleek pen-style vape built with very high-quality materials and when in your hand feels like a luxurious writing instrument. This was a kit that HoneyStick bundled out of 2 of their best selling components… their market topping 500mah Twist 510 battery and their Silencer Wax atomizer. The Twist battery has been on the market and developed a reputation as one of the most reliable slim 510 thread powerplant for prefilled carts and small atomizers. With an industry-leading 500mAh, these batteries can go on a long haul between charges. One of the only slim batteries that have a life indicating function and preheat the industry considers these workhorses when it comes to powering small atomizers and good life out of them. Dial-up the power from mild to wild with the simple twist of a knob allowing you to hit your desired intensity level / sweet spot.

The Silencer wax atomizer

The Silencer is the wax atomizer in this kit which is currently the leading slim wax atomizer in the country. It has a bowl twice the size of its competitors ( in the under 12mm category) has a proprietary silica carbide rapid heating system and ceramic bowl housing for rapid heat-ups and great flavor. A little hidden fact about this atomizer is that due to its heater design it is the only wax atomizer that works well on auto draw batteries. It has a brushed finish and splatter resistant design ending in a wide bore mouthpiece for large effortless rips. The combination of these 2 components into the Nano Dabber kit is a perfect match for any dabber who wants a performance kit, that is pen style, at a budget price that can hang with pens that cost 10 times as much. Quality and Performance come together in this great wax/ Dab kit.
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Brand HoneyStick

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