Honeystick BeeKeeper 2.0 Vaporizer


Honeystick BeeKeeper 2.0 Vaporizer Features:

- High Capacity 20W Battery
- Extra Wide 12mm Cartridge Opening Fits All Prefilled 510 Thread Cartridges
- Slim Design with Quality In-Hand Feel
- Proprietary Low-Resistance Magnet Secures Cartridge and Maximizes Current Flow

Honeystick BeeKeeper 2.0 Vaporizer Contents:

1 - 650mAh BeeKeeper 2.0 Battery
1 - Refillable Tank
1 - Magnetic Conceal Wide Adapter (12mm)
1 - Micro USB Charging Cable

Honeystick Beekeeper Dimensions:

L: 2.67" (68mm) W: 1.1"(28mm) H: 0.75"(19mm)

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Brand HoneyStick

Honeystick BeeKeeper 2.0 Vaporizer
The BeeKeeper 2.0 is an upgraded version of Honeystick’s original BeeKeeper model. Like its predecessor, this upgraded model has all of the same fantastic attributes.  It’s easy to use, dependable, durable and carries the same level of high-performance vapers expect from Honeystick and the BeeKeeper.  However, the BeeKeeper 2.0 has an extra-wide opening to fit cartridges as large as twelve (12) millimeters.  It also has a proprietary magnetic adapter that secures all cartridges in place preventing wiggling and providing a great conductor for the BeeKeeper 2.0’s high capacity battery to function to the fullest extent. The electrical system also received an overhaul that increases the intensity of the drag giver the vaper the ability to produce bigger clouds and longer battery life so the battery doesn’t have to be charged as frequently as the previous BeeKeeper model. If you are looking for a reliable concealable vaporizer that is compatible with any prefilled 510 thread cartridges, then look no further.  

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Brand HoneyStick

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