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Dabbing 101 – Dab Pens, Wax Pen Battery and Carts – VapeBatt

Dabbing 101 / How To's / Q & A

Q What is a dab pen?

A A dab pen is a vaporizer that is specifically manufactured to vaporize cannabis concentrates that are in solid or semi-solid form otherwise known as wax. A dab pen consists of a wax or dab atomizer and a battery in order to vaporize. Dab pens come in sizes ranging from pocket sized to tabletop variants. See our dab pen product collection.

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Q Is dabbing the same as vaping?

A It can be when it is done through a vaporizer specifically set up for wax known as a dab pen. However, dab can also be done through a dab rig using an external heating source when it is strictly referred to as “dabbing” and cannot be interchanged with vaping.

Q How much does dab pen cost?

A Quality dab pens have a wide range in price; however, a good dab pen can be purchased as low as $30.00 and can get as high as $350. The ones that are above $200 are usually larger in size and considered at home or tabletop dab pens.

Q Are dab pens strong as rigs?

A In most cases a dab rig will out power a dab pen because it uses a large glass body, larger mouth tube and a far more powerful external heating source in a torch or an e-nail. When you create so much heat and have a large mouth port the amount of draw or rip from the same volume of concentrates is much larger and more intense.

Q How to use a dab pen?

A Dab pens are simple to use. First you must make sure your battery is properly charged. Then you must open the heating camber of the device and load in the concentrates. Then you need to reassemble or close the heating chamber of your dab pen. Then turn your pen on and adjust it to the desired heating level (if applicable) While heating, inhale throughout the duration of heating.

Q The difference between dabbing and vaping?

A When Dabbing is done using a dab pen through a vaporizer there is no difference between dabbing and vaping. However, vaping is a very general broad term that can encompass nicotine vaping, cbd vaping, as well as cannabis oil. Dabbing is strictly vaporization of wax or dab concentrates done through a dab or wax pen or on a dab rig with an external heating source.

Q Can you dab with a vape pen?

A some vape pens that have a 510 thread battery can be converted to a dab pen by purchasing a 510 thread dab tank. However, you cannot load wax into a vape pen that is set up for nicotine or cannabis oil without first liquidizing it.

Q The difference between dab pens and wax pens?

A There is no difference between a wax and a dab pen. They are two terms that are used synonymously and interchangeably.

Q Can you use a cart with a dab pen?

A You can in many cases that the dab pen has a 510 thread battery however you first must check the specifications on the battery. Make sure the dab pen has a 510 thread battery, then make sure the voltage is between 2.5and 4 volts output and make sure its minimum output wattage is not above the maximum threshold of the vape cartridge. If those specs check out, then you can use a dab pen battery with a vape cartridge.

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420 Terms & Keywords:

Cannabis users

Cannabis users have gravitated towards vaping over the last 5 years, heavily. The trend started with oil vaporizers and rapidly shifted towards dab pens. These dab pen gained popularity among vapers because wax is heavily concentrated, very pure in terms of no additives, has a robust terpene profile, and less expensive than other forms of cannabis concentrates. The end Cannabis users very quickly realized the benefits of Dab Pens and these vaporizers have become very prevalent from entry level models to connoisseur grade vapes.

Voltage settings

Most Dab pens to heat up a quartz bowl or ceramic donut coil requires sustainable output from the battery. Having different heater materials requires the dab pens to have variable voltage or multiple voltage settings. This is so the vaporizers power output can be adjusted so it can function optimally with the tank and bring out the best flavor as well as desired intensity from your dab pen. Having voltage settings are important so whether it is a slow cook low temperature vaping experience you desire, or an instant large vapor cloud rip you need, with multiple voltage settings this is possible. Searching for the features of variable voltage or adjustable voltage will ensure you can dial in the perfect settings for your vaping session.

High quality

Dab pens require a lot of power and usually generate a hotter coil than most comparable oil pens. Due to these technical specifications, it is important that Dab Pens are manufactured with High Quality materials. If Dab Pens are assembled using inferior materials the longevity of the pen and the overall performance of the dab pen is not going to function properly. High Quality manufacturing and final assembly are a critical component to consider when purchasing a dab pen.

Oil vape cartridge

When most people purchase a dab pen for their concentrates vaping most of the time, they are comparing it to vaping oil cartridges or using disposable vape cartridges. There are several key differences between the oil cartridge vaping and dab pens, and it comes down to convenience vs experience. Oil cartridges are prefilled and are very easy to transport and the half gram and full gram capacities usually last for 50+ solid rips. Dab pens you will usually load well under a gram and the most you can get off one fill is about a dozen rips. However, Dab pens are more intensity per rip and wax / dabs are usually more concentrated and better flavored than oil cartridges. In general wax for dab pen use is usually much less expensive per gram and more environmentally friendly s you don’t have to dispose of the vape cartridge. See our Vape Cartridge products collection.

Cannabis oil

dab pens use a much more concentrated form of cannabis oil commonly referred to as wax. It is solidified usually in the texture of a thick sauce or a solid whereas in cannabis oil you can purchase it in a syringe or tinctures, and it will flow. Most dab pens will not vaporize cannabis oil unless it has been solidified and cannabis oil would end up leaking out of a dab pen.

Dry herb vaporizers

A dry herb vaporizer is used to vaporized dry herbs. Most modern dry herb vaporizers however do use a full ceramic oven which can be utilized to vaporize wax and dabs. When someone is using a dry herb vaporizer it is not efficient to vape concentrates in it as most of the time dry herb vaporizers are set on a time and temperature scale and you use a lot of battery power for little vapor. It is best to avoid using dry herb vaporizers when vaping concentrates and t is best to use a dab pen.

Concentrate vaporizers

When people use the term concentrates vaporizer, they are generally referring to any vaporizer whose primary function is the act of vaporizing cannabis concentrates. That means the vaporizer will fall into one of 2 categories, which is an oil vaporizer or a dab pen vaporizer. These 2 units will vaporize cannabis concentrates whether they are in oil or dab / wax form.

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About wax pen battery

Vape Battery life

Vape battery life is dictated by its battery capacity usually displayed within the vaporizer or dab pen specs as MAH or Milli Amp Hours. The higher the capacity or MAH the longer or more sustainable the battery life will be of your dab pen. Having a long battery life is critical to dab pens as thy generally require more heat and battery power to vaporize than other concentrates vaporizers or oil pens.

Dab pen battery

each wax vape pen consists of two components which is a wax or dab atomizer and a dab pen battery. The Dab pen battery provides the power to the wax atomizer to generate enough heat for vaporization. Most dab pen batteries have important specs such as variable voltage, adjustable watts, different battery capacity or mah, as well as shape or size. The Pen battery is the power plant of your dab pen. Shop VapeBatt Dab Pen Battery collection.

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Dab Concentrate Terms Continued.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber of a vaporizer is the area where the vaporization happens it consists of a heating element or a coil and will be affixed within a bowl or chamber to house the concentrates. Most dab pens have a heating chamber that will hold 0.25 grams of dabs all the way up to 1.0 Grams of wax. Heating chambers can be made f different materials from stainless steel to quartz glass. Having a quality heating chamber will determine how fast your dab pen heats up, how well the vape tastes, and how well your dab pen can perform. Heating elements within the chamber can be made of several materials, silica, quartz, kanthol, ceramic, or aluminum. Heating elements are the components that generate the heat to vaporize within the heating chamber. Sometimes your heating element will come in direct contact with your concentrates and other vaporizers don’t make contact and just superheat the heating chamber itself.

Dab tools

vaporizing or handling dab and wax can get messy. dab tool set is critical for anyone who uses a dab pen regularly. Dab tools are tools that help to size or cut down the concentrates and scoop and properly load them into the dab or wax tank. Many times, dab tools will come with 2 ends, or you can buy a set. Dab tools range n materials from aluminum to surgical steel. When handling wax or dab concentrates having the proper dab tools is highly recommended.

Nectar collectors

A rather new vaping unit is a nectar collector. This is a unit that uses a battery to power up a hot live tip that will touch the concentrates and instantly vaporize them while the user inhales on the other end of the device. Nectar collectors help make dabbing more convenient because it takes the sorting and loading process out of using a traditional dab pen. Some nectar collectors function as a dab straw and some even use water filtration.

Dab rig

Most people who switch to using dab pens were already accustomed to using a dab rig or a special bong that is meant to do wax concentrates. The dab pen is essentially a pocket dab rig that allows the user to vaporize wax textured cannabis concentrates. A dab rig has very limited transportability as most are made of glass an require an external torch or an e-nail for a heating source, where as a dab pen only requires a battery and an atomizer.

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