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Vape Battery Q+A | 510 Thread Batteries How-To's & Terms – VapeBatt

Best 510 Thread Vape Batteries

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B-buzz'n Slim VV Twist 510 Battery


Honeystick Beemaster 510 Thread Vape Pen


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Honeystick Nano Dab Pen


Honeystick Beemaster Vape Pen & Performer Oil Tank Kit


Q Where to buy 510 thread battery?

A a 510 thread battery can be purchased in many places, in gas stations, smoke shops, vape shops, dispensaries, and head shops, however one of the best and most common places to purchase a 510 thread battery is online. It is fast and convenient for you and it is very easy to simply compare prices of the various models. Online shopping also lets you readily compare specifications and check out some unboxing videos on youtube before you make a purchase. Although 510 thread batteries are readily available from many sources the preferred mode of purchase is on the internet through a trusted website.

Q What is a 510 thread battery?

A a 510 thread battery is a vaporizer battery that is meant to be used in conjunction with a tank or cartridge to vaporize eliquid or oil. Specifically the female connector in the battery is a common thread size known as a 510 and a vape cartridge or vape tank, would have a male cartridge which are combined to vaporize. 510 thread is the most common style connector for a vape battery and has been the mainstream connector thread sequence for the last 10 years. See all 510 Thread Battery products

Q How to charge a 510 thread battery?

A charging a 510 thread battery is simple . First you connect one of 3 charging devices to your battery. Most 510 thread batteries that are stick style come with a charger plug that is screwed into the threaded end of the battery. Others will have a charging port that is either sized for a micro usb cable or a USB-C cable. Then you would connect your battery into a power source to ensure your battery is being properly charged. Please use a standard wall adapter and plug it into an outlet, power strip, or desktop computer. Please avoid using rapid chargers, apple charging accessories, power banks, or laptop computers. Leave it connected to the charging source until the factory stated indicator lights will signal a full charge. Some batteries do not have overcharge protection so don’t leave them charging for more than 2 hours.

Q How to clean a 510 thread battery?

A The best way to clean a 510 thread battery is using isopropyl alcohol. The two best ways are you can either use the isopropyl alcohol cleaning pre-moistened pads or use the alcohol and dip a pad, cloth or qtip in it. Once you have your isopropyl you can swab the exterior and connection areas of the battery. Make sure after swabbing the area you have allowed the alcohol to dry / evaporate before using the battery. Do not use water or soap and water on the connection area and or exterior of the battery.

Q Which is the best vape battery?

A The best vape batteries have the following features: variable voltage, preheat, ability to charge through the thread and a rapid port, have an MAH capacity over 500 and have the ability to vape cartridges as well as sub oh tanks. Outside of the technical features it should be made of quality materials and have an aesthetically appealing exterior. See our 510 vape pen products collection.

Q Can you use any 510 battery with any cartridge?

A if both the battery and the cartridge are 510 thread meaning they will conjoin ( screw together) does not necessarily mean they will be compatible. The resistance and power requirements also have to match up. Each cartridge has a resistance range and wattage / voltage requirement it needs to operate. If the battery is not capable at running within the resistance range and putting out the volts / watts required to fire the tank they will not work. For example many vape tanks have a resistance below 1.0 ohms or 0.8ohms but most 510 thread stick batteries can only accommodate resistance over 1.2ohms. These low resistance tanks will usually require over 20\watts , which only mode batteries can accommodate. If the battery cannot meet these specs the tank will not work.

Q Is 510 thread universal?

A although 510 thread is the most common form of vape connector currently it is not universal as there are several alternatives. Even within the 510 thread category you have minor differences, like a 510- ego thread which wont connect to a standard 510 male thread. Pod units and custom connections are also gaining popularity so you cannot just assume that a 510 thread battery is universally accepted but more than likely will work.

Q How big is a 510 battery?

A 510 thread batteries vary greatly in size and shape. The most common size for a 510 thread battery closely resembles a writing instrument in size, shape and diameter. However within the category of mod batteries the size is more like a box of cigarettes or a double deck or cards. How long to charge a 510 battery- it takes between 1.5 hours and 2 hours to fully charge a 510 thread battery depending on the size of the battery being charged and the charging source.

Q How to use a 510 battery?

A a 510 thread battery is easy to use. Most 510 batteries have the common steps to connect your vape cartridge or vape tank to the battery. Turn on or unlock your vape battery once you have confirmed it is adequately charged. Dial in your preffered power setting if your battery is variable voltage. Next you will activate the vaporizer by either inhaling ( auto draw battery) or pushing the button and then inhaling the vapor.

Q How many volts is a 510 thread battery?

A most 510 thread batteries have an operating voltage range between 2.0 Volts and 4.5 volts. Most 510 thread batteries you can adjust this setting to match your power preference.

Q Which 510 thread batteries are discreet?

A many 510 thread batteries fall into the discrete category based on their small size and compactness. However the category of concealers is specifically designed to be a very incognito 510 thread battery. Concealers will actually cover the cartridge and its contents and disguise the vaporizer as a regular e-liquid vaporizer.

Q How much is 510 thread battery?

A the price of 510 thread pens vary greatly depending on the catergory. Within stick batteries most of the prices ranged between $10 to $49.00, depending o brand and available features. Within concealers the price ranges between $28.00 and $100, at the high end of the range is luxury concealers usually in the $65-$100. Then in Mod batteries they range from $50.00 to $250, on the low end of the range are usually last years models or closeouts.

Q What is the best cartridge battery?

A To find the best 510 thread batteries is a subjective question and is dependent on lifestyle and budget due to the wide range. The most common and convenient batteries are 510 slim or stick batteries. If discreetness is an important feature for you than concealers are the best alternative. If performance features, and capacity are the most important than mod batteries are the best due to the larger batteries, digital functionality, and luxurious appearances. Shop the best 510 thread battery for cartridges at VapeBatt.

Best 510 thread battery for cartridges

Weepor Key FOB Battery Mod by DazzVape


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Honeystick AeroBee Digital Vaporizer


Cloak MOD Cartridge Battery - by Hamilton Devices


DOT Mini-S MOD Cartridge Battery


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Ooze NOVEX Vape Batteries for 510 Cartridges


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Vape Battery Semantically Related Terms & Definitions

T Vape pen battery

D A Vape pen battery is a pen shaped battery usually cylindrical that is used as a power source to vaporize a cartridge or a vape tank. These pens come in various colors and sizes as well as features. Several manufacturers make vape pen batteries and a majority of them utilize a 510 thread.

T 510 battery

D A 510 battery is a battery power plant used as a component of a vaporizer to vaporize the contents of a cartridge or tank. The female connection area of this battery uses a special threading known as “510 thread” which is a unique thread style that was popularized by vaporizers. The cartridge or tank will have a male 510 connector on it and it will screw into this female port of the battery.

T Draw activated / Buttonless vape battery

D There are two ways that batteries turn on or vaporize, one of the common ones is utilizing a push button design where the vaporizer turns on with the push of a button. The other battery activation methods is “auto draw” draw activated or in other words using your inhalation to turn on your battery. Many people refer to this as an “auto draw battery” or simply “buttonless”. These units do not have a button on them and a majority of them only have one power setting and no – preheat setting in terms of functionality. In order for these auto draw or draw activated batteries to work the cartridges being vaporized, need to have a bottom air hole in them. Draw activated batteries are more common in nicotine genre vapes than that of CBD or medicinal cannabis.

T 510 thread cartridges

D 510 thread cartridges are vape cartridges or tanks that have a male 510 threaded connector on them to be used in conjunction with a 510 thread ( female connector) battery. Once the cartridges are screwed onto the battery and the connection is complete is what is needed to vaporize. 510 cartridges usually range in size from 0.3 Ml to 2.0ml in size and usually in a diameter below 12mm. these 510 thread cartridges are a very common source for dispensaries and extractors to prefilled into . However many cartridges are purchased empty for at home filling.

T Pen Shaped Vapes or Vape Pen Batteries

D the most common vape pen batteries sold on the market today are referred to as Slim Batteries. A majority of the slim batteries are to be used in conjunction with vape cartridges. Some of the characteristics of these batteries are that they have a 510 thread connector and are usually pen shaped or at least cylindrical. These pens are easy to be recognized however modern use of the term vape pen, can refer to any shape small vaporizer whereas “pen shaped” defines a specific look to resemble a writing instrument.

T Vape Battery Voltage Settings

D many vaporizers have a feature that is referred to as variable voltage which gives the user the opportunity to adjust the power output of the vaporizer. This allows one to adjust the power or level of intensity and heat of the vaporizer resulting in larger vapor output/ volume as well as cloud produced. This setting depending on the type of vaporizer can be adjusted by a twist knob, by the push button, or even digitally. With the increase in voltage the power, heat, intensity and vapor production increases. With a decrease in the voltage setting, makes the experience and vapor volume less intense.

T USB Charger

D A majority of the pen shaped batteries on the market use a USB plug charger that is unique to vaping since Ecigs where originally on the market. It is a unique charger that has a USB plug charger on one end and a threaded portion on the other end. The USB end would plug into your chargin source be it a usb adapter or desktop computer and the threaded end would screw into your vape battery thus allowing your vape battery to charge. A majority of the usb chargers on the market are stander USB plugs with 510 male adapters on the other end. Many of the usb chargers will have an indicator light on them to indicate when the charger is in use and also the level of the charge.

T THC Vapes

D Vaporizers are made and have become popular in vaping nicotine for the last decade, they have also become popularized for vaporizing CBD and Delta 8 products. A large market that also exists for vaporizers is in the medicinal and recreational THC market. Many of these vaporizers are sold with the intention of using it for THC vaping or already prefilled at the dispensary or extractor level. THC vapes have grown in a preferred method of cannabis consumption due to a better ability to dose, its way more concealable, and much less significant odor.

T Types of 510 Thread Connectors

D there are two main types of 510 thread and they are split between the type of connectors they are used for. There is a 510 male thread which is primarily used as the connection source for the vape cartridges and vapor tanks on the market. These range from prefilled tanks all the way up to large eliquid mod tanks that use this type of a connector. There is also a 510 thread female connector which is primarily used as the connection source for vape batteries. Vape batteries range from pen shaped slim stick batteries all the way up to large mod batteries that utilize this connection type. Within these categories such as 510 EGO thread which is a more specific connector on how the outer and inner connectors of the cartridge will line up with the battery. In general a Vape cartridge / tank and a battery having the same thread, in this case 510 are needed for vaporization to occur.

T Vape Cartridges

D the term Vape cartridges are generally referred to as Slim or small vape tanks that are between the diameter of 10mm-12.5mm and have a filing capacity of 0.5ml to 1.0ml. They generally have a resistance of 1.0ohm to 2.0ohms and have the ability to be prefilled. Many vape cartridges have different mouthpieces and some have child safety locks as well. A majority of the vape cartridges on the market have a 510 thread male connector on them. Vape cartridges are a common way for extractors to prefilled and sell medicinal or recreational cannabis for vaping purposes.

T Battery Life

D Battery life is the duration that a battery lasts in between charges. Batery life depends on several factors: frequency of vape, the power or voltage level used, temperature, and the most important the MAH of your battery MAH is the specification that determines the capacity of your battery which is proportionate to your battery life. MAH stands for Milli Amp Hours and the higher the number is the larger the capacity or the duration of use ability is of your vape battery. Small vape batteries are usually 280 MAH and very large vape batteries can be 2500+ MAH. Base on your intensity demands and usage patterns you should closely look at this spec.

T Oil Cartridge

D an oil cartridge is a slim vape tank that is used to vaporize oils. By oils the general meaning is cannabis, CBD, delta 8 , Delta 10 or HHC oils or terp juice. These cartridges as specifically designed to accommodate the thicker viscosity of these oils as opposed to vape liquid. The most common size of oil cartridges are between 10mm-12.5 MM in diameter and will run a fill capacity of 0.5mnl or 1.0ml. Oil cartridges can be made of glass, metal, ceramic or poly carbonate and have various heating options. Oil cartridges can be sold both prefilled and unfilled to accommodate user convenience.

T Micro USB

D several vape batteries for convenience have adopted charging thru a micro usb port on the battery. The logic was that many consumers may lose their battery specific 510 charger and vape manufacturers wanted them to be able to charge the unit with a common household cable. At the time the micro usb was the obvious choice as it was the most common small appliance cable type. In recent years USB-C cables have become more popular connector and there is already a shift within vaporizers. The micro USB does continue to remain a reliable and common charging cable / method for vape batteries.

T Vape Pen

D Vape Pens are commonly referred to as small cylindrical vaporizers that are pen shaped which is how the term originated as the first vaporizers for the nicotine and cannabis sectors looked like and very closely resembled the appearance of writing instruments. The term vape pen has however evolved to be used as a blanket term that more commonly now includes all vaporizers and doesn’t discriminate on size and shape. Check out our Vape Pen products collection.

T Pre Filled Cartridge

D Vaporizers and cartridges are sold in 2 various was especially within the Cannabis and hemp sectors. One of them is unfilled where you are only purchasing the equipment and one of them is prefilled where the equipment is already filled and ready to vaporize. Within cannabis for user convenience prefilled cartridges and vaporizers have become more common in dispensaries and due to shipping restrictions the online market unfilled vaporizers are more common. In the space selling Nicotine vaporizers prefilled units have in the last 2 years with the advent of disposable cigs and pod systems have become more popular than selling empty equipment and vape liquid separately.

T Lifetime warranty

D Many batteries and vape components come with a warranty generally 30 days to one year, however some companies within the vaping category offer a lifetime warranty. This is rather rare because electronic components very rarely last longer than a few years and will start seeing performance declines after 2 years of steady use. So any vape consumer should look to see if it is very difficult to register the vape for the warranty or if it is a “limited lifetime” warranty and there is any fine print that offers significant exclusions.