Vapor X 510 Thread Vape Pen with 650 mAh eGo Battery

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510 Thread Vape Pen w/ eGo Battery

Sometimes when vaping 510 thread cartridges vapers want to stick to the classics or cannot fully embrace the slim pen culture. There are also times when they want a pen-style vape that is short and sleek but just has more capacity so they will gravitate to 510 thread ego style batteries like the one found in the Vapor XPS kit. Housed in this kit is a nicely finished black battery with a 510 ego thread that is slightly wider than most 510 vape batteries and that is because it has 650mah capacity ( more than double many slim batteries) giving you more power and more time between charges. The total battery size being no taller than most thumbs is still very discrete and still considered in the small category of vape batteries. Since the battery is thicker it does have a very sturdy construction giving it a solid-quality feel in the hands. This kit is turn-key and has a cartridge that can be enjoyed for vape juice, CBD, or cannabis oils, even though most people utilize this kit for prefilled cartridges. Each XPS vape pen kit does come with a USB cord charging cable for fast and simple recharges. The button on the battery is a decisive push and very easy to find and push even for the clumsiest of fingers. The XPS ego battery delivers endurance and performance all at an entry-level price, if slim batteries are not your thing this EGO XPS will be the perfect power plant for your carts.