ATOM Conceal Cartridge Battery

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The ATOM conceal cartridge battery is a great low-cost, entry-level key FOB style concealable push-button vaporizer. Known as “the atomizer disguiser”, this concealable vape battery uses push-button technology with switchblade spring action for prefilled 510 thread cartridge. It has three (3) variable voltage power settings ranging from 3.0 volts to 3.7 volts and is powered by a 350mAh battery. The battery has a quick-charge feature that brings the battery to full charge in approximately two (2) hours. There is a built-in USB charging port and a keyring to enhance its discreet design and improve portability. It will fire the most prefilled 510 thread cartridges. If you want one of the most discreet style designs in terms of concealable vaporizers at a value price, then The ATOM cartridge battery is an easy choice.