B-Buzz'n Twist Variable Voltage Vape Pen

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The Bee Buzz’n Twist vape pen is a variable voltage push button vape pen that is powered by Honeystick technology. You adjust this high-powered 500mAh battery between 2.0v and 4.0v by turning the knob found on the edge of the vape battery tip. The preheat function is activated through its push button. This vaporizer is a simple, straight-forward design with a lot of power behind it to vape the thickest of concentrates and if that’s what you are looking for, then look no further than the B-Buzz’n Twist VV Vape Pen.

Customer Reviews

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Sean G.

Honestly the product is awesome but it took 10 days to get it when it said only 3 days. Took way too long, would I buy the product again? Absolutely, but not if it takes forever to get here.

Crystal M.

B-Buzz'n Twist Variable Voltage Vape Pen

Great Battery and Service

I’ve tried this battery before via a friend and I liked it, and so I bought this, slightly different than expected (new model ig, I borrowed it in 2019 and it looked more like the pic) as the logo is now bigger and doesn’t seem to have a matte finish like before iirc, but otherwise it performs great for a simple pen. Mine also was missing a charger but I contacted them and they replied fast and sent me one quick so good on the store’s part too. Only other thing is if you have something like Oil by Craft carts where the connection can be shorter and won’t work on this, but I primarily use C-Cells which is the standard, and it works perfectly with those but I do have a backup with a shorter connection, so if you don’t have a backup or multiple I’d be careful with which brands you get, as you don’t want to be stuck with a new cart and a good but not for that battery. Only store that seemed to have this specific brand still in stock, so I’m glad I could get one through here.

Maureen F.
Nice little vape pen for a 65 year old!

Pen arrived quickly. Exactly as described. Works great.

Jeffrey L.R.

I love you. That is all.

Great business; amazing service, will absolutely buy more from you guys and gals. Thank you.