Cannabis Cup Entry Dab Pen Kit

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Dab Pen of Choice for the SoCal Cannabis Cup

A wax pen kit designed to go head to head with the best of breed kits in the SoCal Cannabis Cup races. This pen was created with some of the best extractors in the country that wanted an on-the-go kit that delivered earth-shattering rips and didn’t sacrifice on Flavor. Developed by combining the Stinger battery and the Highbrid wax/dab tank this kit really delivers. Its dual quartz unique chamber tank lets the power rip, roll out while still making the tank easy to clean and refill. Its large ceramic bowl allows you to pack almost a gram of your favorite product in for the competition.

The Stinger Dab Pen Battery

The Battery has 3 power options to select your intensity level and high capacity allows the judges to rip on them all day long and by rip, we don’t mean criticize. This unit has been one of our best-selling boutique kits that serve as the most robust pen-style vape that could really fall into the full-sized vape category. The tank comes with a plastic and glass reservoir for on the go or flavor maximization, a special dab tool, carrying case, and charging cable. If you are thinking of taking your sesh above the competition this limited edition kit is a great place to start.

Cannabis Cup Entry Dab Vape Pen Kit Contents:

1 X HoneyStick Stinger 1100 mAh Wax Pen Battery 1 X Highbrid Wax / Concentrates Vape Tank 1 X Replacement Dual Quartz / Ceramic Bowl Concentrate Atomizer 1 X DAB Tool 1 X Charger Cable 1 X Deluxe Zipper Case 1 X User Manual