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Hamilton Devices’ Cloak™ Cartridges Battery

It should be mentioned that the Cloak™ vapor battery's ergonomic design conceals vape cartridges while also protecting them. Making use of a stealth vaping experience, it gives you the ability to use it discreetly wherever you go and take it with you everywhere. It also features an attractive and inconspicuous design that is equally elegant. More colors, such as red, blue, and purple, are available as well as the traditional black and white. There is no need to fret if you're searching for customized color and branding choices; we've got you covered.

The Cloak™ cartridge battery gives you strong performance with the ability to be discrete. Seem like a good deal? Yes, that's exactly right. But that's only the tip of the iceberg, in terms of all the benefits this incredible product has to offer.

The Cloak™ vape battery is simple to load and may be used with half or full gram capacities. Drawing in activates the button-free technology. Additionally, the carb holes are located at the bottom of the tube, which may be covered by a finger while drawing or left open to control the amount of air flow, as needed.

Cloak Battery Kit Includes:

- Buttonless Airflow Activated
- Screw-in connector with built-in 510 thread
- Fits either 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges
- Does not work with taller mouthpieces for the 1.0ml size, such as the Chrome Flat mouthpiece or Chrome Fluted mouthpiece
- Custom color and branding available

Cloak Vapor Battery Specs:

- Power: 3.2v – 4.2v
- Battery Capacity: 650mAh
- Size: 34 x 18.2 x 79.6mm
- Rechargeable with Micro-USB Port ( USB charger included )

*Battery only, does not include vape cartridge

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Maxim A.
Quality, sleek product.

I love how discreet and small this battery is. The cartridge is completely hidden which is awesome. Will be purchasing another as a gift.