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Defender Extreme Vape Pen for Wax with 2600mAh Internal Box Mod Battery – VapeBatt
Honeystick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer
Honeystick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer
Honeystick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer
Honeystick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer
  • SKU: H121

Honeystick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer


Defender Extreme Dab Pen with 2600mAh Internal Box Mod Battery

The name of this kit speaks for itself; it is an extreme wax vaporizer kit. This portable dab rig is similar to a full-sized wax bong in terms of flavor and vapor production. Just take a look at the picture and you'll be able to appreciate the brushed stainless and carbon fiber leather trim that makes this gorgeous vehicle.

The Best Wax Battery and Atomizer Combo

With the 2600 mAh Wax Battery and the Extreme dab atomizer, you'll find the titanium Tri quartz high power coil. If you are brave enough to go up to 36W, the name Extreme should make sense now. Magnetic splatter-proof design and a bowl fitting that is designed to hold one gram of wax make this the ultimate best of breed tank at the moment. It comes with a less powerful but Flavor-focused donut coil that is ideal for vaporizing concentrates at a temperature of 20 Watts or less but can hold up to 1 G of concentrate and further enhance your favorite concentrates.

Each Defender Extreme Dab Pen set comes with:

  • The Best of a dab pen battery - the 2600mAh Defender
  • Extreme wax atomizer tank
  • 2 Mouthpiece Options
  • 2 Coils
  • Charging cable

The entirety of this excellent vapor instrument is protected in a sturdy impact-proof hard zipper case, making each part of this distinguished dab vaping performer secure and well-organized. For those of you who claim “I just want the best,” we can assure you that it is nearly impossible to get anything better. Let us know so we can make sure to restock your product for the next round of vapers!