Defender Vape Pen Starter Kit for Oil & Dabs

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Vape Pen Starter Kit for Oils & Dabs

If you are looking for the ultimate 2-in-1 vape that offers the best in power and flavor your reading this because this is the vape pen starter kit you are looking for. This 2-in-1 allows you to vape your oils or wax/dab concentrates as a best in class. Using the Socal High Times Cannabis Cup winning pen as the powerplant you know those oils flavors are going to be on point running through the OG Honeystick sub-ohm tank. You can load each tank up with over a gram of your favorite oils or distillate and let the good times rip all the way up to 36 Watts. Quickly switch to the Highbrid tank and drop in a nice dab to take a monster rip from that dual quartz coil. You have plenty of power and capacity in the 36 Watt Carbon fiber battery and also an ego adapter to run your prefilled dispensary carts with ease. The battery is fully digital, power-adjustable, and has locking features. If you vape oils and wax and standard pocket pens aren’t your cup of tea, then this kit can help spice things up.


Highbrid Wax / Dab Vape Tank

- Dual Quartz Rods
- Custom Ceramic Bowl
- High Endurance Wire with up to 23 Watts!
- Rapid Heating
- Pressure Building Chamber