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Extreme Wax Vaporizer
Extreme Dab Vaporizer with triple coil and ceramic donut atomizers
Wax Vaporizer Kit
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Extreme Wax Vaporizer


Extreme Dab Vaporizer with 2000mAh Internal Box Mod Battery

As the name implies this is an extreme wax vaporizer kit. It is a close as one can get to a full-sized dab rig that fits into your pocket which can provide comparable flavor and power. If you just take a look at the picture all the brushed stainless and carbon fiber leather trim this thing just looks amazing and luxurious and the picture can’t describe how it feels in the hands of true craftsmanship.

Box Mod Dab Pen Battery

Luxury backed with features on the mod battery such as digital readout, watt/Volt control full temp control, and battery life indicators. 2000 MAH capacity means this thing will spend days delivering before needing a charge and with a 60 Watt max, it can send you to the moon and back.

The Best Wax Atomizer

It is paired with the Extreme dab atomizer that is most famous for its titanium Tri quartz high power coil that can take hits at 40Watts…yes, that’s not a typo. Large bowl fitting 1 Gram of wax and special magnetic splatter proof design makes this the true best of breed tank at the moment. It also comes with a less powerful but Flavor focused donut coil that feels best under 20Watts but can be loaded with more than 1 G and really accentuate any flavor profiles of your concentrates. Each set comes with:
- The Best of a dab pen battery
- Extreme wax atomizer tank
- 2 X Mouthpiece Options
- 2 X Coils we discussed
- Charging cable
This is all housed into a deluxe impact-proof locking case to make each component of this premium performer safe and organized. If you are one of those dabbers that says “ I just want the best” we can tell you with the assurance that it is hard to find better. If you do…. Let us know so we can stock it for the next round of vapers!