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 Honeystick Bee-Master Vape Kit for 510

The Honeystick Bee-Master Vape Kit for 510 thread prefilled vape cartridges is a well-designed and powerful vaporizer. This vape kit comes in a thin wallet-size case that is made to hold and transport you Bee-Master vape battery, USB Charger, and prefilled 510 thread cartridge. The wallet-size case has a high-gloss finish and buckle clasp to hold your Bee-Master contents securely in place. Honeystick’s Bee-Master 510 thread slim style vape battery has a unique, non-Staining Chameleon paint finish that looks great and helps to reduce fingerprints and fingerprint smudging on the battery.  At a size of only three (3) inches in length; its compact design is convenient for the on-the-go vaper.  The Honeystick Bee-Master is built with a high-quality connecting spring pin that connects your 510-thread prefilled cartridge to a slim vape pen battery with 350 mAh capacity. This vape pen battery works with most 510 prefilled carts and has 3 variable voltage power settings and 2-click preheat function. If you want a quality slim style vape battery for your 510-thread prefilled cartridge that is compact, ready to transport, easy to use and gives you some flexibility with power options; the Honeystick Bee-Master is the perfect pen-style vape.

What's In The Box:

-Honeystick Bee-Master

-Honeystick USB Charger for 510 Vape batteries

Bee-Master Oil Vape Kit Highlights:
- Auto preheat Functions- 3 temperature settings (3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V)
- Small compact Size (only 3 inches)
- 350 mAh Battery
- Ultra High-Quality Chameleon Paint Job
- Great wallet case for transport
- Amazing color and finishes


How to Use:

  • Click the power button 5 times to power it on or turn it off. The red LED will flash 3 times when powering on or turning off.
  • A red light will indicate that the vape pen is at 4.0V
  • A blue light will indicate that the vape pen is at 3.8V
  • A green light will indicate that the vape pen is at 3..6V
  • Click 3 times to change/cycle temperature setting
  • When the unit is on, push the button twice rapidly to activate pre-heat. The pre-heat will last 10 seconds. press the button again to cancel pre-heat.


Questions & Answers:

  • Q. How long does pre-heat function last?

    A. The pre-heat function lasts for 10 seconds. You can send the preheat early by pressing the button again.

  • Q. What's the battery capacity?

    A. The Honeystick Bee-Master comes with a internal 350 mAh battery

  • Q. Does the unit come charged?

    A. The Bee-Master and most of our units come with a 20%-30% charge
    due to shipping regulations.

  • Q. How long does the battery last?

    A. The Bee-Master and most of our units come with a 20%-30% charge
    due to shipping regulations.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda O.

This vape pen not only charges fast and heats fast, but comes in the most discrete case perfect for, well, you know......being discrete!