Honeystick High Roller Vape Box Mod Kit for Oil, Wax & Dry Herb

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The Honeystick High Roller 3-in-1 Vape Box Mod Kit combines the ability to vape oils, dry herbs, or wax concentrates into one amazing vaporizer. The power source for this vaporizer is the same as the popular, top-selling Honeystick BeeKeeper 2.0. which is a high capacity 650mAh battery. Accompanying this battery is a Honeystick Silencer 510 Atomizer for wax concentrates, a Honeystick Phantom tank adapter for dry herbs, and an oil tank from the Honeystick Limited Edition BeeKeeper 2.0; all three giving the vaper the best options to meet their vaping needs. The High Roller 3-in-1 Vape Box Mod just as much a visual marvel as much as it is a performance masterpiece. Its casino-themed decoration is available with a Roulette Black or Felt Green high-quality background finish. If you want a top-quality, multi-use vaporizer that was built for performance at its core but with functionality in mind, then the Honeystick High Roller 3-in-1 vaporizer is the right choice for you.