Honeystick MiniMax Key FOB Vaporizer

Product Code: MM002

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The Honeystick MiniMax Key FOB Vaporizer is arguably one-of-the-most if not the most convenient, discreet, and best performing concealable push-button vaporizers available. The car key design (including the key ring) provides excellent stealth. Yet one of the most unique features of this vaporizer is the smart chip it was built with. This smart chip will read and analyze the prefilled 510 thread cartridge you screw into the MiniMax Key FOB and will determine and distribute the appropriate amount of power for that cartridge to create a perfect vaping experience. If you want a discrete, concealer smart vaporizer that works with all prefilled 510 thread cartridges then look no further than the Honeystick MiniMax Key FOB Vaporizer.