Honeystick MiniMax PRO Vaporizer

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The Honeystick MiniMax PRO Vaporizer is unequivocally the best concealable push-button vaporizer on the market. Its casing is strong and inconspicuous and so much so that many people confuse it with their car key. The push-button activation isn’t just for vaping operation. In order to use this vaporizer, you must first use a push button to eject the prefilled 510 thread cartridge you have attached in a switchblade-like motion. It a has three (3) variable voltage power settings, pre-heat function and fits the widest of prefilled 510 thread cartridges. Everything about this vaporizer is incredible, stealth, power, performance, portability, cartridge acceptance, look, feel, and value. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that is the definition of stealth, that is keychain portable, and that performs with the best push-button concealers available, then you have to buy the Honeystick MiniMax PRO Vaporizer.