OG Vapes Phuse Nail Alternative Vape for Oil & Wax - Limited Edition

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Revolutionary OG Vapes PHUSE Portable E-Nail

The OG Vapes Phuse utilizes a ceramic heating chamber in conjunction with reverse airflow technology. As a result, you'll get highly effective concentrates that are vaporized uniformly.

The 850mAH battery in the OG Vapes Phuse vape allows for pass-through charging. You can use it while it's charging thanks to this.

You can choose between three different temperature settings on this device, which heats up in just five seconds. Various glass-on-glass attachments are compatible with it. A 14mm adapter is included so it can be used with any female-jointed bong.

OG Vapes Phuse Nail Alternative Kit Contains:

1 x Phuse Battery
1 x Tank
1 x Loading Tool
3 x Alcohol Swabs
1 x Male/Female Glass Adapter (14mm)
1 x USB-C Type Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

OG Vapes PHUSE Features:

- 850mAh Battery
- Lightning Warmup
- For Concentrates
- Type USB-C Charging
- Ceramic Heating Element

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