Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit - Beemaster

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On-the-go Vape Pen Starter Kit with pen battery, cartridge, charger and wallet case.
The Beemaster set is a complete turnkey vapor kit that is a top-shelf quality stick battery bundle for the oil aficionado. Built for those that want a luxury pen battery with one-of-a-kind styling, top performance, and compact fit into a convenient pocket-sized wallet look no further. This variable voltage battery with preheat has a unique multi-color ( rainbow chameleon) paint that won’t fingerprint easily and is built of the highest quality internals. Meticulously crafted with the highest-end buttons, spring pins batteries, and internal circuitry, for a small battery you cannot compare quality and performance. Its power and ability to vape standard cartridges rival batteries 3 times its size and its capacity is solid to provide lots of vaping between charges. Since this is a bundle it was paired with a gorgeous matching performer cart that will run great with this battery. The USB charger is also included and each one of these components is housed and held securely within the deluxe high gloss black wallet case ( hard-shell). For any active lifestyle or on the go vaper that values style, performance, and quality this is the best bundle for you.