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Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO – VapeBatt
Ooze Pen Slim Twist PRO in 3 colors
Gold Ooze Dab Pen Kit all Elements
Silver Ooze Dab Pen Kit all Elements
Ooze Dab Pen - Silver Packaging
Ooze Dab Pen - Gold Packaging
Silver  Ooze Pen for Wax Concentrate
Gold Ooze Pen for Wax Concentrate
Mate Black Ooze Pen for Wax Concentrate
Ooze Pen for Wax and all elements separated: mothpiece, protective mesh, dual coil atomizer and dab pen battery
Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO
Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO
Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO
Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO
Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO

Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO

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Ooze Slim Vape Pen for Dabs

The Slim Twist Pro, Ooze dab pen comes with dabbers' beloved 320mAh Slim Twist battery, which has a temperature control dial on the bottom. Preheat mode is activated by pressing the button twice for 15 seconds of continuous heating. With the wax atomizer, Preheat mode works best; ready your coil with a round of Preheat mode before taking your dab.

Slim Twist Wax Pen Features:

You can use pre-filled carts or fill one with your own concentrate dab with Ooze Dab Pen kit. The vape pen is compatible with any 510 thread oil, extract, essential oil, and slim wax cartridges. With the dual quartz coils powering wax atomizer, dab any type of concentrates. The voltage options range from 3.3V (which is appropriate for most oil cartridges) to 4.8V (which is not recommended). Experiment with various temperature settings for your wax to discover the finest flavor and clouds!

Ooze Dap Pen Kit Features:

- 510 thread dab pen battery
- 320 mAh battery
- 15-second Preheat mode
- Adjustable voltage
- Dab Tool
- 3 Slim Dual Quartz Wax Atomizers
- USB charger

Slim Twist Pro Ooze Dab Pen

What makes the Ooze Slim Twist Pro Great?

It’s a mix of a few things. First, ease of use. It’s 5-clicks within 2 seconds to turn it on or off, 3-clicks to activate the 15 second preheat, and charging and cart connection is through its 510 thread, and power adjusting can be done with a two-finger twist. And, if you aren’t sure how to operate it; the instructions are printed right on the back of the package.

Ooze Wax Pen Vape Kit Elements

Ooze Dab Pen Adequate Functionality

Next to amazing and slick design is adequate functionality of Ooze wax pen. This compliments its ease-of-use. Ooze Twist Pro utilize 320 mAh vape pen battery with button. It is a 510 thread battery with a dial knob (located at the bottom). You can adjust your voltage settings anywhere from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. The dial knob has groves for enhanced grip, and it’s clearly numbered. It has a highly visible red marker so you know exactly what voltage setting you are on.

Ooze Carts for Concentrate

Dual Quartz Ooze Carts for Concentrate

The Ooze carts splits into three pieces. You can unscrew the mouthpiece for easy cleaning and the center piece houses a screen that keeps your raw concentrates and extracts from seeping into your mouth. The third piece is the dual quartz wax atomizer coil. Slim Twist Pro vape kit contains three coils – one pre-mounted into dab pen and 2 spare wax atomizers.

When heating coil is attached to the battery you will notice that the connection area has some well-thought-out air flow holes to assist in the heating process. Keep in mind that if you are using a shatter or a wax that you don’t want to pack the coil too heavily. Over-packing wax atomizer will make Ooze carts to have a difficult time heating up. If you are going to vape some thick concentrate; there is pre-heat function you can run for full 15 seconds.

Slim Twist Pro Ooze Dab Pen Kit Packaging

Dope Dab Pen Kit for Dabbers

Lastly, the Slim Twist Pro Ooze dab pen kit came as a complete vape set for concentrates, with all bells and whistles. Packaged for convenience and affordably priced. The dab tool has a silicone tip to protect your heating coil when packing the bowl. Slim Twist Pro Dab Pen Kit use a USB smart charger. It’s designed to rapidly charge the battery so when you have to recharge; it happens faster than average. USB charger has also a vape battery protection feature that automatically cuts off power once the battery is fully charged. Overcharging your 510 thread battery may shorten life of your vape pen.

There is also a green and red LED light-system on the charger that allow seeing if battery is fully charged or in process. Dab pen kit includes additional two heating coils (three in total) so you don’t have to go on a hunt for replacement coils so quickly. All of this in a package under $35 is a good deal.

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Patrick P.
The love for Dabs

I love the product lot safer to use.