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Ooze Fusion Vape Kit with 3 types wax atomizers
Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Battery Power Settings
Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit Packing
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Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit Elements
Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit
Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit
Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit
Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit

Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit

$56.98 $59.99

Premium Fusion Dab Pen Kit by Ooze

There is no better way to combine the best features of a dab pen and power of vaporizer than with the Ooze Fusion wax vape pen kit. On the top of superior build and performing dab pen - with this vape kit you will have 3 types of wax atomizers to chose from. From ceramic flavor intense to dual coil hard hitter.

Attach the discrete reaction chamber and mouthpiece to the 650 mAh 510 thread battery and screw on the coil. This reaction chamber gives you more room to milk the hit, allowing you to inhale more vapor in a single puff and creating greater clouds. The screen that separates the mouthpiece from the reaction chamber prevents the inhalation of hot wax globules or the scorching of your lips.

Fusion Wax Vape Pen Features:

Pre-filled 510 thread oil, extract, and essential oil cartridges, as well as delta 8 cartridges, can all be utilized with the Fusion. Coil attachment is the same as cartridge attachment. With this kit, you get both a vaporizer and a full wax pen set all in one compact package.

Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit Includes:

  • 650 mAh Fusion adjustable voltage vape battery
    Settings: Low 3.6V (Green), Medium 3.9V (Blue), High 4.2V (Yellow)
  • 1 dual quartz coil wax atomizer
  • 1 ceramic rod coil dab atomizer
  • 1 ceramic donut quartz wax atomizer
  • USB charger
  • Silicone concentrate container
  • Non-stick dab tool

Dab Pen Kit with 3 Wax Atomizers

Fusion Dab Pen with 3 types of wax atomizers

Ooze fusion coils

Dab pen kit includes 3 types of Ooze fusion coils. Wax concentrate types and personal dabber's preferences is a major consideration in the design of Fusion dab pen. There are three different coil designs included in the wax pen kit, so you may use it with any sort of concentration you want.

#1 Dual Ooze fusion coil. Hard hitter for dabbers who are looking for one quick hit every here and there. One powerful hit.

#2 Single Coil Atomizer. A hybrid between ceramic and dual coil beast. Powerful enough to deliver strong hits, but not hot enough to burn your dabs. 

#3 Ceramic Ooze fusion coil. This one is for flavor purity and intense enthusiasts