Ooze Vault Pen for Dab Concentrate

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Ooze Vault Wax Battery & Dab Atomizer Kit

The Vault’s Ooze dab battery simple and sleek design is actually a bit deceiving because this battery is jacked-up with 450 mAh capacity, 10 sec hit time, variable voltage, and all kinds of cutting-edge features. Pre-heat your concentrate with the 15-second pre-heat function.

Ooze Vault Pen Features:

Adjust the temperature/voltage with the knob on the bottom of the dab battery body. Changing the voltage will reflect in change the color of the battery LED light from blue to green to red, depending on the voltage you choose! Safely and easily charge it up with the included micro USB charging cord. With these design features, you can expect the Vault Ooze battery to function optimally for years if treated responsibly. Another great feature of the Vault Pen by Ooze is the hidden storage compartment found on the bottom of the battery. Located right next to the voltage knob.

Ooze Vault Pen Features:

- 510 thread 450 mAh dab pen battery
- 450 mAh battery
- 10 second hold time
- 15 second Preheat mode
- Secret storage compartment
- Adjustable voltage
2.6-3.0V = Blue
3.0-3.4V = Green
3.4-3.8V = Red
- Slim Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer
- Micro USB charging Cable

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