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Rip & Ditch Disposable Dab Pen by HoneyStick – VapeBatt
Rip and Ditch Disposable Wax Pen
Rip & Ditch Dab Disposable Vape Pen
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Rip & Ditch Disposable Dab Pen


Rip & Ditch - Portable Disposable Wax Pen

A convenience-oriented vape that for the Wax Vaper or Dabber that is created for the Traveler, the person who doesn’t want to maintain a pen, someone just looking to try a dab pen or the occasion vaper. Just because it is inexpensive and you throw it away when the battery runs out doesn’t mean it isn’t quality and delivers a great vape experience. If you are on the road and can't risk traveling with residues or going on vaycay this is the perfect option. This is a slim wax vape pen placed into a rubberized textured matte black body. The dab pen battery has a push-button operation and also has a locking safety feature. Each kit has a chamber designed of ceramic bowl and dual quartz heater to provide good flavor and power delivery. The Mouthpiece is magnetic for easy loading and you can load about half a gram into that chamber, The mouthpiece is designed with a nice smoothness like a black and mild allowing comfort for the lips and also big rips. Heat up time is rapid and each disposable dab pen unit should last between 150-200 Rips. The units come with a good dab tool for easy loading and dabbing and these little piranhas do have a nice bite. This battery is designed for convenience, and lifestyle and are not rechargeable, if you travel a lot or can’t maintain a pen then Dab it, rip it, ditch it. Each pen is ready to go, just add wax.