Ripper Vaporizer for Essential Oil & Wax Concentrate

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The Strongest Vape for Dabs and Oils 

The Ripper is one of the original proprietary threads 2 in 1 vape MOD. Meaning it is good for oil and wax/dabs. It is not a 510 thread so it will not be compatible with parts outside of the specific replacement parts sold for it and come with it.

It is the evolution and improvement of the infamous HoneyStick Rippo that shocked testers and judges in the 2017 SOCAL High times cup for exactly how powerful it was. This unit is a concealer mini-mod, disguise as classic lighter. Slightly wider but not much taller than a standard flip-up lighter, it is a concealer so it hides that it’s a vape, but when you fire it up - oh wow is it potent. It has one temperature and that is intense, it's for those who always drive their car in “race mode” and don’t regard speed limits. It has a high capacity battery of 1300 MAH so it can go days on a charge, the feel and construction make this one of the most durable units we have held. This is a unique vape, providing the strongest hits from essential oils or concentrates in our wax pen category. It is not for everyone, it is for those who want the largest rips that come out of a vaporizer without having a tabletop unit.