Total Vapor Batteries for 510 Cartridges


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Total Vapor Batteries for 510 Cartridges

The Total Vapor Conceal Vaporizer is a push-button vapor battery that looks like a car key and it is loaded with so many features we don’t know where to begin. The discreet car key design disguises your prefilled 510 thread cartridge until you push the cartridge release button and shoot your cartridge out. It’s not an ejection button and the quick click cartridge locking feature assures your cartridge is secure. The vape battery is powerful enough for all types of prefilled 510 thread cartridges with ease. The USB battery charger is built into the vaporizer for quick and easy charging anywhere a USB port is available and the auto-lock power features preserves battery life and prevents accidental misfires. If you want a discreet, push-button vaporizer that is packed full convenient features then the Total Vapor battery concealer is an excellent choice.