Ultimate Dabbers Wax Vape Pen Complete Kit

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Ultimate Dabbers, Complete Vape Pen Kit for Wax - The Honeystick really dropped a set that is hard to beat with this kit that as the name indicates is the Ultimate Dabber. Whether some people want to start at the top or work into it for those that say “I want the best” in a wax kit that can still be transported the Ultimate Dabber Vape Kit cannot be beaten.

The Plasma 510 Thread Wax tank – is a tank that uses a full glass/quartz noncontact coil so the concentrates don't directly touch the heating element but the heating element super-heats the quartz bowl giving you a flavor purity not found in other wax tanks. This Unit is no slouch you can hit it at up to 45 Watts and its long straw-like mouthpiece keeps the hits and the flavor flowing with each rip.

The Extreme Wax Tank - As the name indicates this tank brings power, from its polished metal body to the triple coil or donut options this tank puts the vape experience to the extreme with every high watt rip, it has a magnetic mouthpiece and adjustable airflow and some XL sized bowls so you can pack up a slab to-go! This tank gets some of the most positive reviews as it seems to find the sweet spot between power and flavor, discreetness and functionality, quality, and price.