Yocan Evolve MAXXX 3-in-1 Concentrate Vaporizer / Nectar Collector

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The Evolve Maxxx 3-in-1 device is designed and engineered to provide you with the best vaping experience without sacrificing comfort and convenience for anyone else in the house. Yocan's Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 comes fully loaded with the company's newest technologies. After decades of developing and manufacturing affordable and reliable dab pens and wax vaporizers, this product represents the pinnacle of the brand's expertise.

Evolve Maxxx's dependable battery provides unmatched dependability in terms of power and performance. Three heating elements are conveniently included in the packaging, and they are all connected seamlessly. Because of these features, the Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 can be used at home or on the go to enjoy your favorite wax concentrates.

Vape RIG Option:
As a dab rig attachment, the Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 offers the benefits of water filtration and moisture conditioning along with your extracts. Medicating patients or learning how to use dab rigs is easy when using a water-based rig because it makes the vapor less harsh on the lungs and throat. As the vapor passes through the water in your rig, it picks up additional impurities that are cleaned out by the process.

The alternative dabbing - nectar collector straw.
It can also be used as a honey straw or as a nectar collector with the Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1. Consumers no longer have to settle for the capacity limitations imposed by the included quartz dual and tri coils. This vaporizer is ideal for those who enjoy taking large dab hits.

Option for dabbing while on the go:
A traditional wax vape can be created using the Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1. In the same way as its predecessors, the Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 works with a wide range of Yocan-compatible coils. Yocan Quartz Tri Coil (YCC) and Yocan Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) are both included in the set (QTC). To get started, all you need to do is connect your coil of choice and load it with your desired material.

Yocan Evolve MAXXX Kit Contains:

1 x Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1
1 x Yocan Quartz Tri Coil
1 x Yocan Quartz Dual Coil
1 x XTAL Tip Atomizer
1 x 14mm Glass Connector
1 x Silicone Jar
1 x 10-19 Adapter
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Loading Tool
1 x User Manual

Evolve MAXXX Features:

- Variable Voltage Battery
- Integrated Silicone Jar
- Three Modes: Dab Pen, Dab Rig, Nectar Collector
- Quartz Dual Coil
- Quartz Triple Coil
- XTAL Tip

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