Vape Pen Cartridge Oil Recovery Kit


Honeystick Oil Recovery Kit Features:

- Remove Oil from Prefilled Cartridges Easily
- Fill Cartridges with Ease
- Save Concentrates from Broken Cartridges

Honeystick Oil Recovery Kit Contents:
2 - Filling Syringes
4 - Blunt Tip Needles
2 - Syringe Caps
1 - PG/VG 3ml Mixer Liquid

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SKU H092
Brand HoneyStick

HoneyStick Oil Recovery & Vape Pen Cartridge Refill Kit

The Honeystick Oil Recovery Kit is quite possibly the only accessory that is an absolute necessity if you vape. There is a high probability you will encounter a broken cartridge and unless you have a tool to remove oil from prefilled cartridges you are going to lose it. The oil in these prefilled 510 thread cartridges are usually not cheap and at that moment most vapers wish they had a way to remove oil from prefilled cartridges. With the Honeystick Oil Recovery Kit, you can do just that. Vapers can remove their oils from a broken cartridge and fill a new cartridge, easily. The days of losing out on expensive oils because of broken prefilled 510 thread cartridges, vape pens, or tanks are over. If you are someone who values the oils in your prefilled 510 thread cartridge and doesn’t like seeing your hard-earned money go to waste in a mess of sticky oil, then you must have a Honeystick Oil Recovery Kit to remove oil from prefilled cartridges, easily.

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Brand HoneyStick

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