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Box Mod Vape versus 510 Thread Battery – VapeBatt

Box Mod Vape versus 510 Thread Battery

Vape pen battery vs box mod vapeWhat is a Box Mod Vape Battery

The term Box Mod Vape covers big variety of vaporizers and MOD batteries. There are mini vapes disguised as anything ranging from a car key fob to a garage door opener.

Box Mod Vape Batteries


In terms of size you will find full size box mod vapes or something as small as a small matchbox that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Concealable mini vape mod batteries are not obvious to the naked eye and do a fairly good job at hiding a prefilled cartridge within the concealer.


Pen Style 510 Thread Battery

A pen-style 510 thread battery may take on an identical look and feel of a pen, but they don’t typically classify as a box mod vape because their size.

510 Thread Batteries - Pen Style

Vape pen battery isn’t ideal for concealment and when you take it out to use it; it is obvious what you are doing to anyone within range of view. 510 thread batteries


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