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Vape Pens for Wax Concentrate

The popularity of the Wax pen is on the rise. Dab vape pens become one of the most popular trends among cannabis concentrate users. READ MORE BELOW

Dab Pens

Honeystick Nano Dab Pen


Honeystick Phantom Vaporizer - Signature Edition


Ooze Dab Pen - Slim Twist PRO


Honeystick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer


WAX Vape Pen Kit Aficionado


Honeystick Defender Extreme 2.0 Vape Pen for Wax


Yocan Evolve 2.0 POD System for Wax Ejuice & Oil


Honeystick Plasma 2.0 Vape Pen for Wax


Ooze Fusion Dab Pen Kit


Honeystick Ripper 2.0 Vaporizer for Essential Oil & Wax Concentrate


Ooze Duplex Mini Vape for Wax & Oil


Honeystick SoCal Cannabis Cup Winning Dab Pen Kit


Yocan Magneto Pen for Wax Concentrates


Yocan Evolve Plus XL


Honeystick Stinger Ceramic Dab Pen


HoneyStick Ultimate 3 in 1 Red Line Vape System


Honeystick Defender Vape Pen Starter Kit for Oil & Dabs


Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen


Ooze Gusher Globe Dab Pen


Puffco PLUS Portable Wax Pen


The Stinger Ultimate Wax Vape Kit


Ooze ConNectar Nectar Collector / Attachment for 510 Battery by STACHE


HoneyStick Nectar Collector Straw


Tanker Ooze Battery For Oil & Wax Carts


Simplicity, purity and power of wax vape pens

From their simplicity to their purity and power, wax vape pens are capturing the hearts of vapers and of cannabis connoisseurs alike. Wax Vapes started becoming popular in the dispensaries as a form of a medicinal product as targeted wax strains and dosage were much easier to prescribe than other forms of cannabis concentrates. There is also a cost-benefit to vaping and producing wax as the process doesn’t have to go through all of the non-crystalizing or distillations that for example, cannabis oil does. When vaporized at the right temperature wax can deliver amazing flavor, potency, and hit size commonly referred to as a rip. Utilizing wax is no newbie as the dab rig market is over a decade old, but being able to carry a rig in your pocket, purse, and have it concealed is the growing trend found in wax vapes. Vape Batt has a great selection of Wax Vapes from the beginner to the connoisseur grade available for purchase, from Nano-sized to stay at home model, and in terms of power from mild to wild. So enjoy the selection and stay lifted.

What Makes the best wax vape pen?

There are several ways to categorize what makes the best dab pen as this is a subjective measure usually revolving around lifestyle. Is it an on-the-go unit, or does it have to be discrete, is it centered around pure performance, or is it rugged for the active or extreme lifestyle? These are all different aspects that wax vaporizers are made for, however, there are certain things that all Wax Vape Pens should hold constant before being considered good wax pens.

Dab pen features to consider:

Flavor Purity – A good wax pen should focus on making sure the taste coming through the vape that sits on your pallet and radiates through your nose and mouth on exhale is pure and accentuates only the strain and terpene profile of the wax you are vaporizing. Any protruding metal, plastic, or foreign burnt taste demonstrates a poorly designed wax pen and should be avoided. Now certain pens are more flavor focused then others as there are flavor chasers and rip chasers which brings us to our next point.

  1. Power of Rip – A good Wax vape pen doesn’t have a wimpy hit and should have the power to heat up fast and deliver hits to fill the lungs on demand for the greatest effects of the wax. It is realized that sometimes added Power comes at a sacrifice of flavor but a good vape pen can deliver both.
  2. Build Quality – Because wax pens need to be loaded and cleaned more often than other vaporizers they should be made with quality materials, that look and feel nice and offer a level of sturdiness so they can last and accompany the user in their lifestyle. This is a very important trait when considering a good vape pen because the bad build quality is the #1 complaint among vapers who use wax pens regularly when rating a wax pen.
  3. Bowl Size and Design – When rating a good wax pen many people overlook how important the Bowl design is and generally overlook its features. Most bowls house the heating elements of the vaporizer and also dictate how much wax you can fill in for a vaping sesh. If the Bowl is poorly designed it could lead to poor heat-ups, wasted or un-vaped wax, or too much refilling. This is essentially not judging a Wax Pen by its cover. Open up the chamber and evaluate the bowl.
  4. Heat up time – A good wax pen should not take multiple heating cycles to vaporize and should have a heat-up time to rip in under 2 seconds. If a wax pen takes too long to heat up it can cause melting, leaking, wastage, and a mess. A good solid wax pen heats up quickly and does the trick.
  5. Battery Capacity – It is important to have a battery with some capacity as no Wax pen that is considered good should spend most of its life on the charger for a few hits. Making sure the battery can run a full day under heavy use is a very important feature for today’s active vape dabbers.

Types of concentrates you can vape

When Vaping in the category of Wax Pens you can indulge vaporizing several types of concentrates. First off many people use wax pens to vaporize very solid oils, ones that harden and solidify or crystalize quickly. Any types of solid or wax concentrates can also be vaporized using a wax pen. For Example Wax, Shatter, Hash, Bubble hash, Sugars, Cake Batters, Crumble, and Rosin.

Importance of Dab pen battery

The Dab Pen Battery is the power plant of the unit that provides the electric current used to heat up and then vaporize the wax through the heater. Having a good battery means making sure you have a few good features. There are Dab Pen batteries that have different power outputs, and generally, the higher the voltage or wattage the more power it can put out and the faster and more intense is its capability to vaporize wax.

Capacity, a very important feature that very often gets overlooked when battery shopping for your dab pen is the capacity or mAh of the battery which means how long it can last between charges. People with active lifestyles cannot run on an extension cord to have their battery charging, they need to get good use from the pen in between charges, and the higher the MAH the more use you will get between charges.

Adjustability, many pens have more advanced features like adjustable power and even temperature. These features can be very important on your dab pen battery as they will let you hone-in on your sweet spot or desired intensity level when dabbing. This is controlled by the battery and knowing that different strains may vaporize better at different temperatures, adjustability in your dab pen battery can be an important feature. There are so many sizes and shapes of batteries that it comes down to preference when selecting the fit and finish of your dab pen battery, from basic to luxurious finishes VapeBatt has the different styles and textures you would want in a wax pen battery.

Disposable wax pen

Disposable dab pens are vape pens that are for the on the go, travelers, and people who don’t have time to maintain a vape pen or want a unit for an occasion without breaking the bank. These units are meant to be used for 100-200 Rips and then when the battery runs out they are meant to be thrown away and not used again. These pens are usually most popular in tourist areas and for occasional dabbers who don’t dab enough to invest in a more robust dab pen. The Best example of a disposable dab pen is the HoneyStick Rip and Ditch. It is a dab pen that is a solid build quality ultra-small and sleek and gets about 200 puffs before the battery runs out.