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Dab Pen Battery for Concentrate Atomizers and Carts – VapeBatt

Wax Pen Batteries for Concentrates

When it comes to vape batteries there is no big difference between the wax pen battery or one used for oil vape pens.

Dab Pen Battery

Yocan UNI Box Mod Vape Battery for Dab & Oil Carts


Honeystick AeroBee Digital Vaporizer


Cloak MOD Cartridge Battery - by Hamilton Devices


Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod Vape Battery for 510 Oil Carts


DOT Mini-S MOD Cartridge Battery


Rokin Rage 510 Cartridge Battery


DOT Mini-Q Digital Cartridge Battery


Toke Buddy Twist 510 Vape Pen Battery


Ooze NOVEX Vape Batteries for 510 Cartridges


B-buzz'n Slim VV Twist 510 Battery


Eleaf Mini iStick 10W Battery Mod 1050mAh


Honeystick Beemaster 510 Thread Vape Pen


Rokin Dial 510 Cartridge Battery


Honeystick Quatro 510 Thread Square Battery


The Shiv by Hamilton Devices


Ooze Quad Flex Temp 510 Thread Square Vape Pen Battery


Yocan UNI S Mod Vaporizer Battery


Yocan Uni Twist Box Mod Vape Battery


The Cube Oil and Wax Vape Battery by Hamilton Devices


Honeystick Beekeeper Stick Vape Pen Battery


Hamilton Devices Gold Bar Vape Battery


Smok Species V2 Box Mod


Hamilton Devices PB1 Vapor Battery


Lookah Seahorse PRO Dab Pen Nectar Collector


What makes a vape battery suitable for dab/wax carts?

When it comes to vape batteries there are no real differences between the vape batteries used for oil vape pens and wax or dab pens. Several people will start off selecting a dab or wax atomizer and then picking a battery to pair it with to provide the power so what are some battery characteristics you can look for in a battery to have it work properly for wax. Of these, the most important feature is it has to be a battery with a push button. Many wax atomizers require consistent power to attain vaporization levels and this can only be achieved with a push button. Usually, buttonless batteries won’t power up any wax atomizer with the exception of the HoneyStick Silencer which works well with buttonless batteries as they simply don’t have the power, or the atomizers require very steady consistent voltage which auto draw battery has trouble providing.

Dab Cart Battery Power Requirements

You want to make sure the battery has enough capacity and voltage output. Most wax atomizers take more power to heat up and vaporize than comparable oil tanks so if your battery does not have enough capacity or power you will either constantly need charging or have a weak vape experience. Make sure your battery puts out over 3.5 Volts at the minimum and has 350MAH or more capacity if you are picking a vape battery for the purposes of dabbing. Since different wax atomizers have various operating ranges you want to make sure that the battery having adjustable power will be a great advantage and really enhance the vape experience. Lastly, you want to ensure that the vape battery you buy is a 510 thread because most wax atomizers on the market today have this type of connector and if you have another battery type you will not be able to operate your wax/dab tank. Some functions that are not important when selecting a battery for wax vaping is preheated functionality that is common on many pen-style vapes or slim vapes/ What this does it put a very low volt current through the atomizer for between 10-20 seconds to prime the atomizer, which for wax will just waste product and make a mess. This function was designed for batteries for use with oil carts that harden over time to prevent dry hits, and not a function you need to purchase or if you have shouldn’t use when wax vaping/dabbing.

Wax Pen Battery Functions

  • Pre-heat A battery pre-heat function is used if your wax concentrates are too thick/solid to vape. You want to use a pre-heat function to loosen them up without burning your dabs, to get a more intense and pleasurable vaping experience.
  • Variable Voltage Variable Voltage is the most common feature found on today's vape batteries. Some of these vapes have a few heating presets that you click through to reach your desired vaping intensity while others allow you to set the specific number of watts or the exact temperature you want to achieve.
  • Voltage / Wattage Output (Power) Any wax pen battery should be powerful enough to fire ceramic or coil dab atomizer used for concentrate vaping. In terms of voltage, you should have a minimum of 3.5V output with at least 350mAh capacity. As for Wattage - it depends on your wax cartridge and your preferences but the dab pen battery should be able to generate at least 10 watts of power.