Buttonless Auto-Draw Vapes

When it comes to auto-draw buttonless vape pens the good comes with the bad.

Buttonless Vape Pen

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Buttonless Vape Pen Pros & Cons

You have to be aware that when you purchase an auto draw vape pen you are unfortunately going to need to be more mindful of the maintenance required to keep them functioning at an efficient level if you expect to always have a quality vaping experience. Oil or residue from your prefilled 510 thread cartridges can and most likely will eventually build-up and form clogs in the air holes of your cartridges or cover over and keep the auto draw sensors on the battery from reading airflow and firing correctly. This can cause your prefilled 510 thread cartridge to leak or in the worst-case scenarios, it can completely cease your auto draw vape from working. The best way to keep your auto draw vape battery from incurring any issues is to clean the vaporizer, particularly in and around the airflow sensors and the airflow holes of the cartridge on a weekly basis.

Buttonless Vape Pen Kit - battery and USB charger

Additionally, the useful life of a buttonless vape pen is typically shorter than that of a comparable push-button vape battery even though this is user-dependent. While the battery life-cycle of auto-draw vaporizers in comparison to that of push-button vaporizers is slight; it should still be looked at as an added expense considering you will have to replace batteries more often. Also, people who are experiencing any kind of respiratory disease or pulmonary medical conditions but have been cleared to vape by a medical professional should think twice about using an auto draw vaporizer simply because there is significant use of the lung capacity and energy used to activate the auto draw function. Outside of these factors, auto draw vape batteries are a great vape product in general and particularly for those that enjoy the feeling of their vaping experience closely mimicking that of a realistic smoking experience.