Exxus Slim VV 510 Cartridge Battery

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Exxus Slim VV 510 Cartridge Battery Kit

The Exxus Slim is a price-conscious push-button 510 cartridge battery, with a slim style vape pen design. This variable voltage push button vaporizer has three (3) color-coded power settings ranging from 2.6 volts to 4.0 volts to give you a visual que of which power setting you are on. It will fit most prefilled 510 thread cartridges and the 280mAh battery will vape them. You can activate the preheat function with two (2) clicks. Both the preheat function and all heating cycles have a 10-second cut-off to prevent overheating. The screw-in USB charger has an LED indicator light to let you know when the battery is charged to capacity. The Exxus Slim VV 510 cartridge battery vaporizer is a great entry-level push-button vape batt for those who are becoming familiar with vaping.