Honeystick BeeBox PRO Box Mod Vape

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A complete list of compatible POD brands that will work with the HoneyStick BeeBox PRO are below:

J-Pods | Eon Pods | Magic Mist Pods | ZiiP Labs | Juul Labs | Zalt | VQ Pod | Loon pods | Pod Plug | ViV Pod | Holy Smokes Pods | 3X Pods | AirBender Pods | Atom Pods | Fama Pods | Cyclone Pods | Hempods | Hempzilla Pods | Sea 100 Pods | JGO Pods | E-Liquid universe | Calm Pods | Shangri La Pods | Canna Pods | SAUC Pods | Cuul Pods | Earth CBD Pods

The Honeystick BeeBox PRO is a concealable vaporizer that can be summed up in one word, unique. With the BeeBox PRO, you can now vape a POD or a prefilled 510 thread cartridge from a single box mod vape. Staying true to form, this vaporizer uses push-button vaporization for the prefilled 510 thread cartridges and auto-draw activation for POD vaping and with a high capacity 600mAh battery you will vape everything with ease. This variable voltage box mod is loaded with easy-to-use features including pre-heat function and a digital LCD screen that allows vapers to easily change their power settings by either volts or watts. The LCD screen has a battery life indicator so you won’t unexpectedly run out of power. It’s compact, light-weight body fits comfortably in your hand and the prefilled cartridges are hidden in the body and pop-out with switchblade action when you’re ready to use it. You no longer have to carry two vaporizers if you vape POD’s and prefilled 510 thread cartridges. If you vape POD’s and prefilled 510 thread cartridges, then you absolutely must buy a BeeBox PRO Box Mod Vape.

Honeystick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer Features:
- Digital LCD Screen Display
- Digitally Power Adjustable from 2.0 to 4.2 volts or 4.0 to 12 watts
- Preheat Function
- Locking Safety Feature
- High Capacity Battery
- Auto Draw for POD’s and Push Button for Cartridges
- Lightweight Aluminum Body
- Concealable & compact mini vape MOD that fits into small pockets

BeeBox PRO Box Mod Vape Contents:
1 - BeeBox PRO 600mAh Mod Battery
1 - Micro USB Charging Cable
Cartridge / Tank / POD Not Included

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Premium feel, amazing taste

I use both juul and CBD carts and this one device retired four. Definitely a premium feel to it, great battery life, will be buying a spare!!!