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Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen – VapeBatt
Ooze Pen in 8 colors w/ USB charger
Rainbow Ooze Battery
Atomic Pink Ooze Battery
Sapphire Blue Ooze Battery
Slime Green Ooze Battery
Lucky Gold Ooze Battery
Ultra Purple Ooze Battery
Ruby Red Ooze Battery
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen
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Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen


Ooze Battery for all 510 thread applications

The Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Battery is an inconspicuous and powerful device. This 320mAh variable voltage battery is compatible with most of the pre-filled oil, extract, essential oil, and delta 8 carts found in the market.

Ooze Battery with 510 Thread and 350 mAh capacity

The Slim Pen Vape Battery features a twist-action dial on the bottom of the unit that allows users to select the voltage best-suited for their cart. This push-button battery has a 15-second preheat function and will automatically shut-off after that same time period without use. It comes with an Ooze smart USB charger. The charger has built-in overcharge protection that automatically cuts off power through the charger once the battery reaches a full charge. This is a wonderful feature for preserving battery lifespan.

How to operate? Twist Slim Pen Ooze Battery Instructions

Ooze 510 battery instructions and functions

Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery Features

Ooze 320mAh Battery
15-Second Preheat mode
Adjustable Voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V
15-Second Auto-Off
Fits most 510 Thread Cartridges
Powerful Enough to Light Wax Heater / Coil
USB Smart Charger
Approx 2h-3h Charging time

ooze slim twist instructions


Charge the Ooze battery before first use (Charging time: 2h - 3h)
5x Button Clicks - Turn the battery ON/OFF (it will blink 3 times) PRESS & HOLD Button - (While device is on - indicated by solid LED light) Battery will power the cartridge. Twisting the bottom knob will adjust battery output voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V

Charging Slim Pen Ooze Battery

The Slim Pen Battery Kit includes 'screw-on' type of USB Charger. It is very convenient and quick way to charge vape battery, as charging status is indicated by different color LED light. Solid RED indicate battery charging in progress. Solid Green will indicate that battery is charged in full and you can remove it from the charger and start vaping!charging-ooze-slim-510-thread-battery

What carts are supported by Ooze 510 Battery?

A. USB 510 Screw-in Chargers with Male type Thread.
B. Perfect Slim Dab Pen Battery for Single Coil Wax Atomizers. Showed below the HoneyStick Silencer Dab Atomizer.
C. Powerful enough to turn RED-HOT dual coil MigVapor Green Bullet Dab Pen Cartridge
D. Works well with any 510 cartridge for Essential Oils, with bottom-thread airhole or pre-filled cartridges without inlet holes at the bottom
E. Works with any 510 thread vape liquid cartridge. Ooze battery support fully ceramic 510 carts too.

NOTE: See the Ooze Pen kit - pre-made application for vaping wax. Slim Twist PRO Ooze pen kit combine wax cartridge matched with dap pen battery and 3 dual quartz coil dab atomizers.

What Applications are supported by Ooze 510 Battery

Ooze Slim Pen 510 Thread Battery

The 510 thread connection is the way to go if you want a vape battery or pen (or both) that can be switched out to operate with various cartridges and batteries. Most of the devices we sell here at VapeBatt are compatible with the 510 thread, standard in vape industry. Many of our customers specifically purchase 510 thread components so that they may use them interchangeably with what they currently have. As the current norm, 510 isn't going anywhere very soon. Ooze 510 thread batteries are the best option in the vape pen industry since they are reliable, durable, and compatible with the widest range of 510 carts and devices.

Ooze 510 Thread Battery

Ooze Slim Pen Powerful Enough to Act as Dab Pen Battery

What makes a Ooze battery a great dab pen battery is its capability of adjusting output voltage power to the level powerful enough to red-heat up even dual coil wax atomizers.

Any dab pen battery, by definition is build capable of handling ceramic or coil operated wax tanks. The Ooze battery meets a few key point criteria’s for dab batteries. The Ooze Twist pen battery carries total of 320mAh capacity, however with adjustable output voltage the current is quite powerful. Ooze battery has 15 seconds power-up mode, once you press the button you will have 15 seconds of energy delivered to the wax atomizer before you will have to press it again due to safety power cut-out. This is enough to start vaporizing your dab concentrate, then second full cycle will produce a power-hit.

Ooze Dab Pen Battery - Powering Wax Atomizer

Customer Reviews

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Jason D.

Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen

Charles W.

Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen

Walter B.
Good and reliable

Very pleased with its reliability!!! So easy to use!

Autumn S.
Best Vape Pen I've Ever Bought

The best vape pen and the longest lasting one I've ever bought! Defiantly be repurchasing

Eric A.

Ooze Battery - Twist Slim Pen